Note e-mail with Kraemer-Thorn submission from sarae
Dr. Eriksen:

We would like to submit a position paper to the ECSCW "Collaborative
Infrastructuring" Workshop. Please see attached paper.

I participated in the cyberinfrastructure workshop last fall at the
CSCW'08 conference and we thought it was an excellent group. This
current position paper is an extension of our workshop paper last year;
we presented a more conceptual discussion in last year's paper, in this
year's paper we have substantiated that discussion with data from the
field. I attached last year's paper as an FYI to you.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Sara Kraemer

Sara Kraemer, PhD
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
School of Education
770 Education Sciences Building
1025 West Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706 USA

Tel+ (608) 265-5624

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