BSCW 5.0 Help

Quick start: Try start reading section “BSCW at a glance” first.

Installation: You can also install the BSCW help locally. In particular if you run your own BSCW server, you should download a copy of the HTML help and offer the help to your users at your site. If you prefer reading the help offline as a printed manual you may download the BSCW Help in PDF format.

German version of the BSCW help: click  German.

More tips on BSCW in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Search finds the help topics that contain all search terms entered. You may use wildcard characters in the search terms (? or * for an arbitrary string). You may also use the logical operators AND, OR and NOT in your queries, e.g. ‘member group AND NOT community’ to find all topics containing the terms ‘member’ and ‘group’ but not the term ‘community’. Avoid the use of parentheses in your queries. Very frequently used words (e.g. of, we, are) are not considered when searching for help topics.

BSCW – Basic Support for Cooperative Work, Version 5.0, April 2012
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